MOOP Talk: Action

The past 24 hours have been NON-STOP ACTION - hence the fact we are only just posting this!

Back at our original home The Spire, MOOP brought out the mics, the cameras, the mocktails – and the Loud Shirt Beer – for MOOP Talk: Action, an evening that was about how small actions can have a huge, positive ripple effects.

We had passionate speakers – Tim from Brighton Table Tennis Club, Jacob from @brightonmigrantsolidarity/ #Thousand41000 and Liz and Maddocks from #LWithTheT – with a shoutout for the incredible Evie and Caitlin from Park Life: Save Our Parks

We had some action plans created before our eyes – pretty sure we now have a new blueprint for Hove promenade and a fully assembled clean-up committee for a communal area in Whitehawk 🙌

We even had a couple on their first date! ❤️ We'd love to know how it went??

A massive, teary thank you to everyone who turned up, showed their support, bought drinks, took part in the conversation, volunteered, helped clean up - each one of those actions makes a big difference to us.

Big MOOP love! Podcast by BN1 Productions coming soon!