The Visitor


“A gentle, talented and kind human being visited my life for a short time. He took my hand and led me skipping into the pumping heart of the nineties rave scene.”

The Visitor by Barbara Duffy is one of our heart-rending exhibitions at The Museum of Ordinary People.

Barbara is one of the participants who will be speaking at the museum tonight, and sharing how it felt to create an exhibition about a person who meant so much to her. 

Join us here at @thespirearts from 6.30pm tonight to hear from some of the creators behind our special museum.

Or pop along today and tomorrow, 11am-6pm to have a look around.

A Night at The Museum of Ordinary People


A Night at The Museum of Ordinary People with Miss Represented - a Brighton Dome project - sharing our passion for telling untold stories. Some amazing, positive conversations about the importance of making our experiences known.

A collective of female performers, these young women express their life stories through some powerful performances - they are owning the stage atThe Spire Festival Bar tonight!

Jazzing up your journal


What a fab morning at the Museum of Ordinary People!
Jolie Kriya arts led a letter and diary-writing workshop for children.
We learnt how to present a letter properly, how to keep a diary and wrote letters to children of the future. Some kids even decided to become pen pals with each other!
We have a “Jazzing up your journal” workshop for adults tomorrow at our museum in TheSpire at 3.30pm. Come along! More details under our Facebook Events.

MOOP Review


“We live in times where the fear of missing out drives us all towards more extreme, expensive and extraordinary experiences.

“The Museum of Ordinary People helps us take a step away from this ever-increasing pressure to reveal that some of the most important encounters are right in front of our eyes.”

Thank you BroadwayBaby for these lovely words about our museum!…/whats-the-point-of-exhibitin…/2020

Nominated for an Award!

WOW, we've been shortlisted for the Brighton Fringe Visual Arts Award!!

We are down to the final three shows for the award, which is in association with HOUSE and AOH!
We find out on Sunday whether we've won...

And thank you Rosie Powell Freelance for this wonderful video of our museum. What a great first day!

Come see us while we're open at The Spire this week, 11am-6pm every day, including Saturday and Sunday

Massive MOOP love!

The Diaries of...


One of our beautiful exhibitions at The Museum of Ordinary People inside The Spire.
This piece was created by one of our participants who found a collection of diaries at a car boot sale. At the time, this participant was being tested for MS - and she discovered in the diaries that the writer has been diagnosed with MS.
Our workshop participant’s story took a positive turn. The diary writer’s story, however, is one about “the dark heart of the condition.”

We did it!!


Can’t quite believe the time has come, our wonderful museum is finally OPEN!
Come and see us at The Spire from May 30th-June 3rd, some incredible stories to be discovered. We are over the moon right now! 
Thanks again to anybody who pledged their support on Kickstarter-you’ve played your part in making this dream come true!